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A Small But Vital Double Exposure Page

Welcome to my Small But Vital Double Exposure Webpage.
I have been a fan of Double Exposure for many years, and have devoted my small corner of the web to their funny and satirical songs.

*Featured Song*

Make War Not Love

Bill Clinton, with back-up singers George Bush and Ronald Reagan, sings about what it takes for an American president to get re-elected.


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Remember: even though it may sound like your favourite (or least favourite) politician, it really is Bob Robertson or Linda Cullen doing one of their great impressions.

Lyrics to Make War Not Love

Lyrics to other Double Exposure Songs

Political Hinterland Who's Who theme song (MIDI file)
In a popular Double Exposure feature, Political Hinterland Who's Who, the wild, bird-brained antics of political animals are described, while Satie's Gymnopedie No. 1 plays in the background.

What is Double Exposure?

Double Exposure used to be a Canadian political satire / comedy radio show written and performed by Bob Robertson and Linda Cullen, that was heard on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio every Saturday, across Canada for ten years.

The show then moved onto television for three years. It used to air on BBS (Baton Broadcasting Station) and the Comedy Network on Saturday evenings.

Then, Bob Robertson and Linda Cullen moved on to other projects, including the tv series Dragnuts and a 13-episode series called Point Blank.

I used to have links here to the Official Double Exposure Radio Show Webpage, the Official Double Exposure Television Show Webpage, and Cullen Robertson TV Webpage, but they are now defunct. There is, however, a Double Exposure Wikipedia page.

NEW! Since May 2009, Double Exposure Radio is back! Bob Robertson and Linda Cullen have started a Double Exposure Podcast, a blog, and are selling merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs and tote bags.

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