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Nonfiction Books I Have Enjoyed, Or Am Reading, In No Particular Order

Complexity: the emerging science at the edge of order and chaos by M. Mitchell Waldrop
Chaos: making a new science by James Gleick
Peacekeeper: the road to Sarajevo by General Lewis MacKenzie
Giving up the gun: Japan's reversion to the sword, 1543-1879 by Noel Perrin
Critical Chain by Eliyahu Goldratt
The invention of clouds: how an amateur meteorologist forged the language of the skies by Richard Hamblyn
Fractals: the patterns of chaos: a new aesthetic of art, science, and nature by John Briggs
An eye for fractals by Michael McGuire
Beyond Habitat by Moshe Safdie
For everyone a garden by Moshe Safdie
The story of civilization by Will and Ariel Durant
The making of the Cretan landscape by Oliver Rackham and Jennifer Moody
The design of everyday things by Donald Norman
Set phasers on stun by Steven Casey
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos by Steven H. Strogatz
Answers: Discussions with Western Buddhists by the Dalai Lama, edited by Jose Ignacio Cabezon
Energy Medicine: the Scientific Basis, by James Oschman
How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand
Sync: the emerging science of spontaneous order by Steven H. Strogatz
Civilized Shamans: Buddhism in Tibetan Societies by Geoffrey Samuel
Secret of the Vajra World: the tantric buddhism of Tibet by Reginald A. Ray
Shake Hands With The Devil by Romeo Dallaire

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