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"I love you" is one of the most ambiguous statements that exists. It has so many meanings and shades of meanings that it's no wonder that it often causes immense confusion. It has the capacity to provoke or evoke a wide variety of emotional reactions, both in those that utter it, and those that receive its utterance. Here then is a tool designed to clarify your sentiments.

Many of the common meanings of "I love you" are listed below. To tell your loved one exactly what you mean, check the boxes of as many of the clarifying statements as you find applicable. The results page can be easily be copy-and-pasted into an email or printed.

If you have any suggestions for statements to add to this list, please email me at iluvu[at]strangeattractor[dot]ca.

"I love you" Clarifier

    Enter the name of your loved one:
  1. I want to have sex with you, so I'll tell you what you want to hear
  2. I want to have sex with you, and this, by definition, is love.
  3. I think you are sexy
  4. I have an image in my mind of the perfect woman (or man) and I'm of the belief that you're "the one" who fits it. I'm setting you on a pedestal. I have lots of expectations on how you will behave and look and feel, and as soon as you do something that doesn't meet my expectations, I will be disappointed or angry.
  5. I think about you constantly, obsessively. In fact, I'm completely obsessed by you, and will be forever.
  6. I'm completely obsessed by you, but when the next flavor of the month comes around, I'll be completely obsessed with someone or something else.
  7. I care about you. Your wellbeing is of utmost importance to me.
  8. I want you to do the best thing for your own personal growth and happiness, even if it hurts me.
  9. I want your money.
  10. I'll follow you to the ends of the earth, just to be together.
  11. I say and think that I'll follow you to the ends of the earth, and that I'll do anything for you, but really, I don't even have enough consideration to leave the toilet seat down when I'm finished in the washroom, and if you really did take off, I wouldn't go more than 600 kilometers to follow you.
  12. I don't want to hurt your feelings so I'll say that I love you, even though all I feel for you is mild affection, because I see that you adore me.
  13. I have seen you as you really are, and still believe you are wonderful and beautiful. I care about you deeply, warts and all. I am willing to let you be your own person and still cherish you.
  14. It's intoxicating to be in your presence.
  15. I feel like I owe you gratitude, since you were the first person to be kind to me.
  16. I want you.
  17. I feel like I'm drowning, and you're the only thing that's keeping me afloat.
  18. I am emotionally needy, and want you to supply what's missing in my mental health.
  19. I don't want to be lonely
  20. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
  21. Ever since you've entered my life, my life has been enriched by you.
  22. You just said "I love you" or "Do you love me?" to me, and this was the only appropriate response, since I am dating you, or married to you, or your close friend.
  23. I want you to say "I love you" to me more often.
  24. On the balance of probabilities, I would rather have you in my life than not.
  25. You are my true friend.
  26. I am so confused emotionally, but somehow saying this makes me feel better.
  27. I want to be loved.
  28. I'm a compulsive liar
  29. You are my best fantasies come true. Or close enough.
  30. I want you to protect me.
  31. I want to protect you.
  32. I think you'd make a great status symbol. I can't wait to add you to the list of things that are mine.
  33. Someone dared me to say this.
  34. I made a bet with my friends that I would say this to you, and I'll get $50 the next time I see them. As proof, I've recorded our entire conversation.
  35. I am playing a cruel practical joke on you.
  36. I think you're a great person.
  37. I'm afraid that I'll never see you again, and I want you to know how strongly I feel about you.
  38. You have changed my life for the better, and I am grateful.
  39. Please don't leave me.
  40. Please don't kill yourself.
  41. I respect you.
  42. I see the spark of God in you and feel about you much the same way I feel about God. (Note: This sentence is meant to represent the expression of spiritual love. There are many other forms it can take, but I can't possibly hope to list them all. So feel free to substitute here a sentence that jibes with your preferred form of spiritual practice.)
  43. I worship you.
  44. I tremble at the thought of you.
  45. I think you are the key to my happiness. I am desperate and vulnerable without you. I will not let go of you, even if that's what you want, because I have no confidence in my own abilities to live happily without you.
  46. You are my salvation.
  47. I want to use you.
  48. I feel a strong loyalty towards you.
  49. I believe in your ability to fight for the causes that you believe in, and since they are the causes I believe in, I will support you. I will die for you if necessary, and will continue your struggle if you should predecease me.
  50. You are so much a part of me and I am so much a part of you, that I don't know anymore where one of us ends and the other begins.
  51. You are a human being, and therefore worthy of love.
  52. You are a fellow creature of this earth, and therefore are worthy of love.
  53. You are an extra-terrestrial and therefore worthy of love.
  54. You are family.
  55. I am devoted to you.
  56. I trust you.
  57. Perhaps by saying this, I'll cure your hiccups.

© Ellen Kaye-Cheveldayoff, 2003-2009