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How To Correct Red Eye In Photographs Using Photoshop 5.5

  1. Save a snapshot of the image, by clicking on the middle icon at the bottom of the history pallette.
  2. Zoom in until the eyes are large on the screen and you can see the individual pixels.
  3. With the elliptical marquee or lasso tool, select the iris and pupil of the eye. (The elliptical marquee tool can be selected by holding down the alt-key and selecting the rectangular marquee with the mouse. The rectangular marquee is at the top-left corner of the tools palette. If you use the elliptical marquee, set "feather" to 1 pixel in the options palette.)
  4. Select the iris and pupil of the other eye by holding down the shift key to add to the selection. The Ctrl or Alt key (depending on which tool you are using) can subtract areas from the selection, if you've made slight errors.
  5. Once both eyes are selected to your satisfaction, go to the Image menu, then to Adjust, then to "Levels".
  6. Choose the red channel.
  7. Adjust the red channel until the red-eye effect is no longer noticeable.
  8. Adjust the other channels as necessary to make the eyes look realistic. It helps if you know the person's actual eye-colour and don't have to guess.
  9. Zoom out.
  10. Deselect the eyes. Save a snapshot.
  11. Go back to the first snapshot and make a comparison between the images.
  12. If you are satisfied with the changes, stop. Otherwise repeat the steps.

© Ellen Kaye-Cheveldayoff, 2003-2009